Trailed cannonCA-C1L


Trailed cannonCA-C1L

Centrifugal trailed cannon, one turbine, one cannon. Special for treatment on one side. Great reach thanks to its double turbine 510Ø.


  • Chassis: Cold laminated steel with detachable rear part support with wheel.
  • Main tank: Fiberglass gfrp with tanks. Hand-washer and circuit washer incorporated according to C.E. norm
  • Pump: High pressure with ceramic pistons and double cylinder head.
  • Multiplying group: Steel box con oil bathed gears two speeds and neutral.
  • Controllers: Electrical with 2 sections on the tractor cabin and ergonomic design.
  • Filters: In the filling lid, in the pump aspiration and high pressure self-cleaning.
  • Turbine: Double Turbine 510Ø.
  • Clutch: Centrifugal with brake.
  • Turbine box: Reinforced fiberglass gfrp.
  • Axle: Reinforced, detachable, adjustable in height and width.
  • Tires: Two Tires with implement 11,5 - 80 - 15,3.
  • Hook: Reinforced, extensible with ring or fish-mouth.
  • Light equipment: Yes, with reflective lights and retro-reflectors according to ce norm.
  • Braking system: Double circuit of hydraulic braking from 3000 liters.
  • Tractor transmission: Yes, Reinforced with protection according to ce norm.
  • Hand-washer and circuit washer: Yes, incorporated in the barrel.
  • Maneuvers: Hydraulic orientation and cannon turning with hydraulic engine.
  • Lateral stepper: 1 lateral stepper to access the upper part of the tank.



  • Hydraulic orientation of the cannon.
  • Orientation and cannon turning with hydraulic engine.
  • With length and reach extensor.
  • Short cannon.
  • Elevation and hydropneumatic suspension on the axle.

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