A lifetime in the vineyard

A very long road, but well traveled

New products - new materials

Liquid and powder application at the same time, Fibratech fiber bars

Innovation, adaptation, quality

Caring for the environment and profitability is our plan for the future

We got to where other do not get to

More penetration, better wetting, more speed and reduced drift to the environment

50 Years with the farmer

Adapting to your needs


We have 34,000 m² facilities for the manufacture of agricultural components, polyester components and metal assemblies, with 6 assembly lines.


Our logistics department has large warehouses, a packaging area, 9 transport vehicles and specialized personnel to provide the best and most effective service.

Own technology

We have a wide range of products developed with our own technology, with a highly personalized design, which make machines unique.


The almost complete production within our facilities makes our products very competitive and with a very controlled quality.

Our products